Balancing Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO

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In Episode 5 of the Visible HQ podcast, I chat with Charles Floate from about balancing black hat SEO with doing grey and white hat SEO for clients.  We also talk about private blog networks, parasite SEO, tiered link building, and much more.  If you are a small business owner or niche site/ecommerce store owner, you will want to listen to this episode.  Don’t write black hat SEO off so quickly; you’ll be surprised at the info you can take away from learning about it.

Knowledge is Power.

As I mention in the episode, I’m doing a bit of a different approach to the episode this week.  I’ve make two separate shows with the same guest, and will be posting one today (Tuesday), and the following episode on Thursday.  This episode is a bit more personal, where we talk about how Charles first got involved in SEO, and his take on black hat SEO.  Thursdays episode is a bit more actionable, as we’ll be talking about how to use a black hat technique to rank your site, and building something more difficult, but more powerful than a private blog network.  So make sure to tune in for both episodes this week.

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Be sure to check out part II here: Episode 6 – Black Hat Techniques and Persona Networks with Charles Floate

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • How Charles started a popular SEO blog
  • The line between Grey Hat and White Hat SEO
  • How to use Black Hat to start a successful linking campaign (before removing the black hat links)
  • The most surprising result from all the case studies Charles designed
  • What’s the best use for tiered link-building
  • The best way to find awesome sites to add to your private blog network (it’s harder than you think!)
  • How to manage the hosting of private blog networks, and how to deal with having multiple networks
  • Achieving backlink diversity by having more than just a high PR network




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People in this Episode

Sean and Charles

Mentioned in Episode 5

Todd Foster

Ranking for Rand

How to Start A Blog Tutorial

Parasite SEO

Brian Dean – Backlinko


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