Episode 21

Diversifying Organic Traffic

Welcome to Episode 21 of the Visible HQ podcast.  This week, I’m chatting with Matt Paulson on how to diversify your organic traffic.  From optimizing your images, to using automation to get more twitter followers, listen at Matt discusses how he turned a Panda penalty into a quest to never take another blow from the interruption of a single traffic source.

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • How Matt got started with affiliate marketing
  • Getting slammed by Panda 1.0
  • Getting kicked out of Google News
  • Why Matt’s sites got penalized for Panda 1.0
  • Where Matt is currently getting traffic from (hint: it’s not Google organic search)
  • How Matt gets extra email signups through co-registration
  • How to use Zapier and IFTTT to get more twitter followers
  • How to use Bing and Google Images to get more traffic
  • Diversify and scale

There’s no penguin or panda algorithm in Google images or Google news.  They’re separate search engines with separate algorithms.

– Matt Paulson




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People in this Episode

Sean Markey and Matt Paulson

Mentioned in Episode 8

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Stock Twits


If This, Then That



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