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In this episode of the Visible HQ Podcast, I’m chatting with Brendan Tully, from all about ecommerce SEO.  I ask Brendan what the biggest quick win is for a new, and an established ecommerce site, what the biggest mistake he sees often in regards to ecommerce SEO, and much more.  This is action-item packed episode, so check it out.

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • How Brendan got started in SEO
  • The biggest difference between doing SEO for an ecommerce site vs. an information/service site.
  • The problem of thin content on ecommerce websites
  • Using video to build back links
  • A trick on how to deal with discontinued product pages
  • Using price engines to build links to product pages
  • How to add content to product pages (and help with conversions)
  • Two words you can add to the title tags to get 20%-50% increase in traffic
  • Getting rich snippets (stars, reviews, etc) to increase ranking and conversions
  • The importance of site speed (and when it actually matters).
  • The VERY FIRST thing you should do when launching an ecommerce store

brendan tullySpending days and days trying to get a 100 score on the Google speed test is not the greatest use of your time.

– Brendan Tully




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People in this Episode

Sean Markey and Brendan Tully

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Pareto Ecommerce

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