SEO Link Round-Up 12

Happy Friday, everyone!

I’m happy to say I survived two MASSIVE lightning storms this week out in Castle Valley (and a night without power) to be able to bring you another exciting SEO Link Round up.

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And now, here are the five best SEO articles of last week:

How The Google Trust Button WorksInternet Folks

Is trust about to matter a lot more to getting your website ranked?  Last month, Google was granted a patent on a test-based system.  This article dives into the particulars of that patent, as well as looking at the current ways that trust plays a role in the SERPs.

If a Google+ (or Chrome) user is logged in while browsing the web, they already get ‘recommendations’ based on their previous search history. In this case, search history is the indicator of trust. If, say, I visit every day, Google knows I trust the site’s content and pushes it to the top of my results in the future. At the moment, my search behaviour affects only my results (when logged in to G+). The new patent indicates a desire to serve my recommendations to other searchers too.

Google “Pigeon” Updates Local Search Algorithm With Stronger Ties To Web Search SignalSearch Engine Land

This new update, while unannounced by Google, affects many local searches–sometimes removing the 3 or 7 local pack, and sometimes adding them where they were not previously.

Google told us that the new local search algorithm ties deeper into their web search capabilities, including the hundreds of ranking signals they use in web search along with search features such as Knowledge Graph, spelling correction, synonyms and more.

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Understanding The Google Penguin AlgorithmSEOBook

This is a text interview with Jim Boyokin (of and Joe Sinkwitz (a.k.a. Cygnus) on the Penguin Algorithm.  I’m sure by now you’ve probably had an a$$ full of penguin talk, but a) this is a pretty in-depth view, taking a wide view of the penalty, it’s impact, and what works with recovery methods, and b) it is one of the biggest things SEOers have to deal with, so good articles on Penguin will keep being important.

After the initial update there was another one about a month later & then one about every 6 months for a while. There hasn’t been one for about 10 months now. So why have the updates been so rare? And why hasn’t there been one for a long time?

Jim: Great question. We all believed there’d be an update every 6 months, and now it’s been way longer than 6 months…maybe because Matt’s on vacation…or maybe he knew it would be a long time until the next update, so he took some time off…or perhaps Google wants those with a algorithmic penalty to feel the pain for longer than 6 months.

What is Now Safe to Link to?SEO Theory

Michael Martinez is like Professor SEO, and his articles are not to be missed.  This time, he is talking about the risks of linking to a site that is aggressive with it’s link building, and the potential fall out from that.  This should give you a lot to think about, and show you how nuanced and layered doing SEO has become.

Assuming that someone tells ALPHA about the suspicious link, ALPHA could take down both links, just the link to BETA, or just the link to GAMMA. But does that solve any problems for anyone? Google remembers everything. And if ALPHA really knew nothing about BETA‘s bad behavior, what is to prevent this scenario from playing out again?

13 Killer Link Building Strategies for 2014 (and beyond)Robbie Richards

Rounding out the five best articles of the week is this list post on link building strategies.  There are some good ideas here, and some things that should spark a bit of creativity in your own link-building brain.  All 13 strategies may not be good for you, and some are… some I don’t agree with personally, but it’s a very well written 7,000 word post, and definitely worth a glance.

What You Will Learn –

  • How to build fistfuls of quality links to your site
  • How to leverage free tools to build backlinks
  • How to build backlinks FAST
  • How to build “penguin-proof” backlinks
  • How to build links that deliver targeted traffic to your site

That’s it for this week’s round-up.  Come back next Friday for another thrilling SEO Link Round-up.

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