SEO Link Round-Up 13

Another week, another state of panic sweeping through webmasters everywhere as SEO continues to be fluid, and to double back on itself.  Forget your HTTPS troubles with the SEO Link Round-up 13!

Here are the best 5 SEO articles of the past week:

Best of both worlds: How to create a long-tail SEO strategy for social media micro-content – The Next Web

Damn, that title is a mouthful of words!  But this is a solid post on considering a long tail strategy, and how micro social content (think Vine, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) can help you grow your business and increase engagement.

This is a nice article that reminds you there’s a POINT behind doing SEO.  Not just to win at ranking, but to get more exposure > customers > money.

Focusing your efforts on long-tail SEO works because the phrases you’re trying to optimize your website for are more specific and therefore, likely to drive relevant visitors and revenue.

Ranking In Local Search: Directory PigeonbackingHigh Rank Websites

Apparently the new “pigeon” update is really shaking up the local search results, and having some unintended consequences.  One thing that looks to be working really well post-pigeon (lol) is ranking well in the local pack with parasite-SEO.

According to Google’s guidelines, having a keyword as your business name is spam, right? So when one business with multiple local listings and keywords as the business name is claiming 28% of the local search results, one would think that this would have set off a red flag over at Google.

What You Can Learn from KISSmetrics’ SEO StrategyOk Dork

Noah Kagan knows how to make people take notice of a project he is working on (in this case, his personal blog  He’s gotta be one of the best in the industry at this.  For this post, he recruits Eli Overbey to deep dive into KISSmetrics’ SEO strategy.  It’s a hell of an in-depth post.  This is how you do an SEO site audit.

Even if the third party data is wrong (and KISSmetrics was not hit by a penalty) they should fix these problems immediately. KISSmetrics should decide which URL is primary, and then 301 or canonical.

Even more, as it currently stands, the site is dispersing its links among https and http. If they fix this problem, the could see a rise in rankings due to the migration of their links.

What Craigslist Can Teach Us About SEOSearch Engine Journal

I almost hate to post this one, because it looks a little incestuous, but F-it, this is a good article and deserves to be highlighted.  Neil Patel (of KISSmetrics) drops a guest post on SEJ about some SEO wins Craigslist has secured, such as super fast load times, high conversions,  fantastic engagement, and optimizing for local.

User-generated content (UGC) is like atomic energy for SEO. Most Internet users are engaged enough to provide input in the form of comments and forum questions. By harnessing this form of social SEO, you can create a powerhouse of keywords, discussion, and indexed content that will attract incredible results. It’s especially powerful in a post-Hummingbird era.

Free SSL Certificates (For SEO?)Webmarketing School

OMG!  HTTPS is going to be one of the new ranking factors, we need an SSL Certificate like YESTERDAY!  Or not.  Whatever.  There are over 200 different ranking signals–having or not having one of them isn’t going to kill your campaigns.  There also may be a few disadvantages to switching over.  Yup.  This article gives you the scoop.  If you only read one article of the 5,000 that came out within the hour of Google announcing this, this is the one you should read.  You’re welcome.

Frankly, quite a few reasons why might not want to as well.  All elements of the page need to be provided in secure connections.

You might not think thats a big deal, BUT, do you embed any external images? Any content? Any Social Media Plugins? Any Analytics? Any Tag Containers? Starting to get the picture?  Its not quite as easy as just flicking a switch.

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