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Episode 34 – Travis Jamison on the Google PBN Update

Episode 33 – The PBN Update: Now What?

Episode 32 – Conversation With a PBN Domain Broker

Episode 31 – The Truth About Private Blog Networks: my PBN philosophy

Episode 30 – [Audio Summary] Niche Analysis: Garcinia Cambogia

Episode 29 – Blackhat SEO Revisited (with Charles Floate)

Episode 28 – Listener Questions Episode II

Episode 27 – Building A Business Using Private Blog Networks (with Jon Haver)

Episode 26 – The New Google Local Algorithm Update (with Barry Schwartz)

Episode 25 – Getting Natural & Relevant Backlinks

Episode 24 – Strategic SEO vs. Tactical SEO

Episode 23 – SEO: Rank Highest, Fastest & Cheapest (with fewest links)

Episode 22 – SEO for Ecommerce Websites

Episode 21 – Diversifying your organic traffic with Matt Paulson

Episode 20 – Anyone Can Rank A Site [an audio SEO case study]

Episode 19 – Domain buying checklist for Private Blog Networks (solo podcast)

Episode 18 – Choosing a host for your Private Blog Network (solo podcast)

Episode 17 – Listener questions about Private Blog Networks (solo podcast)

Episode 16 – Diving into your clients’ backlinks with Nichola Stott

Episode 15 – How to SEO your Podcast with John Lee Dumas (of EOFire.com)

Episode 14 – On running and maintaining a Private Blog Network with Alan

Episode 13 – What Google’s growth means for SEOers with Aaron Wall (of SEObook.com)

Episode 12 – Building a strong brand as an SEO strategy with Eric Bandholz (of BeardBrand.com)

Episode 11 – Increase your WordPress site’s speed with Dan Noriss (of WPcurve.com)

Episode 10 – Avoiding Google penalties with smart SEO with Matthew Newton (of webagencypodcast.com)

Episode 9 – SEO for website sellers with Justine Cooke (of EmpireFlippers.com)

Episode 8 – Building a super site with James Schramko

Episode 7 – White hat strategies with Brian Dean (of Backlinko.com)

Episode 6 – Black hat techniques and persona networks with Charles Floate (of GodOfSeo.c0) Part II

Episode 5 – Balancing black hat and grey hat SEO with Charles Floate (of GodOfSeo.co) Part I

Episode 4 – Negative SEO and expired domain networks with Spencer Haws (of NichePursuits.com)

Episode 3 – How to build a location- specific Private Blog Network with Stuart Langridge (of StuartLangridge.com)

Episode 2 – What’s working for SEO in 2014 with Travis Jamison (of SupremacySEO.com)

Episode 1 – SEO Penalties with Glen Allsopp (of ViperChill.com)