Conversation With A PBN Domain Broker

One great thing I get to do in running a site like Visible HQ is talk to a lot of people about SEO, and specifically, building PBNs.  I get to hear about their journey, and their most frequently encountered problems.  Probably the number 1 issue people run into is finding quality domains.  My guest on today’s show runs the site, a service which finds and vets very high quality domains for use in building a private blog network.

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • How HeavyDutyNames decides the value of a domain
  • Why PageRank doesn’t matter (but why they still use it to sell domains)
  • Using domain metrics as a shorthand to quickly  pare down a list of potential domain names to buy
  • Is a domain’s value based solely on the links it has (and not trust flow/citation flow/domain authority/page authority
  • What you should know (and do) if you’re just starting out building PBNs
  • Looking at the history of a site for quality indicators
  • Is there a degree to which domains that have previously been spammed are still usable?
  • Does a dropped (for a long period of time)/deindexed domain still potentially have value?
  • How to approach a domain that is not currently indexed
  • Tips on how to find better domain names in GoDaddy (and do better with auctions)




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Mentioned in Episode 32

Parasite Page Case Study


(coming next week)

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  • mattpap

    Hello Sean, great interview with Mark. I am aware of Mark’s great service.

    • Sean Markey


  • mattpap

    …I would like to know Mark’s (or any PBN expert’s) advice on the recent de-indexing phenomenon of PBN sites that has upset the whole SEO community.

  • Looks like the link to Mark’s site in your post copy is wrong! Should be and not

    • Sean Markey

      Thanks Billy! A big giant fail on my part. I have fixed the error, and apologize to readers/listeners and Mark!

  • MarkWardi

    @mattpap:disqus: I am not aware of that, but one thing we can tell is that shared hosts (especially the ones promoted on are now hosting hundreds of domains that are part of PBNs and we don’t think it is a good idea to throw yours in there as well.
    @linklocalizer:disqus: thanks for pointing that out, the correct URL is