Conversation With A PBN Domain Broker

One great thing I get to do in running a site like Visible HQ is talk to a lot of people about SEO, and specifically, building PBNs.  I get to hear about their journey, and their most frequently encountered problems.  Probably the number 1 issue people run into is finding quality domains.  My guest on today’s show runs the site, a service which finds and vets very high quality domains for use in building a private blog network.

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • How HeavyDutyNames decides the value of a domain
  • Why PageRank doesn’t matter (but why they still use it to sell domains)
  • Using domain metrics as a shorthand to quickly  pare down a list of potential domain names to buy
  • Is a domain’s value based solely on the links it has (and not trust flow/citation flow/domain authority/page authority
  • What you should know (and do) if you’re just starting out building PBNs
  • Looking at the history of a site for quality indicators
  • Is there a degree to which domains that have previously been spammed are still usable?
  • Does a dropped (for a long period of time)/deindexed domain still potentially have value?
  • How to approach a domain that is not currently indexed
  • Tips on how to find better domain names in GoDaddy (and do better with auctions)




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Mentioned in Episode 32

Parasite Page Case Study


(coming next week)

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