Travis Jamison on the Google PBN Update

In a special episode of the Visible HQ Podcast, I’ve invited my friend Travis Jamison, from SupremacySEO on to the show to talk about the recent Google run on private blog networks.  Travis has many different networks, totaling hundreds of sites.

We discuss how many of his sites were hit, his thoughts on whether this was a manual penalty or an algorithm update, and what the best action going forward it.

Be sure to check out my episode on the PBN Penalty, where I talk about how my sites did, my breakdown of the penalty, and my plan moving forward.

You can check that post out here. 

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Leave a comment below.  What are your thoughts on this action?  Were your sites hit, or did you get through it unscathed?

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  • Good show Sean )

    If you do go down the road of using PBN’s or other techniques that Google does not approve of I believe the MOST important thing is to segment your money site portfolio.

    Heck even if you are 100% white hat don’t give Google or anyone the power to identify ALL the sites that you own.

    This includes all your money sites using the same Adsense code, affiliates codes, hosting, webmaster tools or analytics.

    This way if in the future you are hit by a penalty only part of your business will be effected 🙂

    Here speaks the voice of bitter experience 😉

  • Great chat Sean, always enjoy hearing travis, love the last comment about running if someone give you a report on PNB links!