Social Media and SEO: how natural language helps rank a site

This week on the Visible HQ Podcast, I’m chatting with Paul Shapiro, of  Paul mostly works with big enterpreise level clients, and focuses on how social media can increase rankings, and customer engagement.  Paul is also one of the moderators for the popular subreddit BigSEO at

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • How Paul got started in SEO
  • The pros and cons of working with enterprise level clients
  • Using social and data analysis to support SEO.
  • Understanding the language of social media, and how that relates to better rankings
  • Relating data mining in social to help with keyword research
  • The biggest social media “bang for your buck”
  • Using social media to understand your audience
  • The power of share-ability
  • How to improve (and research) sharability
  • Paul’s involvement with /r/BigSEO subreddit
  • Some tips for using Reddit in marketing
  • The social side of working SEO for big companies
  • How important is s

Social media is the quintessential place where you’re gonna see people speaking freely and as they would in a normal conversational environment.

– Paul Shapiro




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