Expired Domain Indexing Expirement

In researching domains for clients, I come across domains too good to pass up, whether because I’ve found them for a good price, or because they are interesting.

Some of those domain I’ve got for sale here.

I’ve got several expired domains I’ve picked up that are not currently indexed, or were indexed but then fell off before I could do anything with them.

Such is life in the PBN game.

I’ve been thinking of hiring a VA to try and get these sites up and running, because I’m busy and have bigger things to focus on–but then I had an idea.  What if I turn this into a big case study, and recruit people from my audience to participate?  That sounds fun.

So here’s the idea:

You come up with the outline of a plan to get these sites reindexed.  As far as I know, they are not penalized, just not indexed.  There are currently no sites built upon these domains, so making a site and adding content should be somewhere on the list.

But what else could you do?  Fiverr gigs?  Submit to 25 indexing services?  Add a ton of multimedia content?  I don’t know!  This is the part where you get creative.

I’ll choose a few people with the best/coolest sounding proposals, and contact privately.

I’ll give each person I choose between 1-3 good domains for your PBN.  These will be yours to keep, and the URLs will remain private (meaning I will not publish the URL on the blog).

You go to town on your plan.  Get them hosted, add on a theme, and start creating content.  Then execute on your plan.  Ideally I’d like to start seeing some results within 2 weeks.

We’ll have a Skype call together, and I’ll interview you about your plan, what you did, what worked, and so on.  This will be featured on an upcoming podcast.  I’ll also do an in-depth case study write-up, so that others can learn from what worked and what didn’t.

At the end of it, you’ll have learned a lot, gotten a shout-out on the podcast AND this site, and will have picked up a few solid PBN domains for your own network, and we’ll all learn some value lessons.

It’s win-win-win.

(I’ll also give each person $20 to cover hosting for the duration of this experiment.  How you use that (SEO hosting, regular hosting, etc., is up to you and should fit in with your plan).

Questions?  Comments?

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