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I’m going to pick three sites to give an in-depth review of on all the SEO fronts: technical SEO, on-page SEO, authority, link profile, competition analysis, and more–anything I can do to give you a better understanding of where you are now, and what you should/could be doing to rank better.

SEO Site Review Sign-up

I’m looking for volunteers who are not SEO savvy, who would benefit greatly from an SEO professional reviewing their site, and giving them an action plan on how to kill it going forward.  I’ll be recording a video of me diving into your site, reviewing various aspects, and making recommendations.  I’ll give you an action-checklist of what you could do next to ramp up the power.

dealbreakerYou MUST ABSOLUTELY be okay with me reviewing and talking about your site/business publicly on the internet.  It’s a dealbreaker if not.  I’ll also need you to (privately) verify that the site I’m reviewing is actually yours, to make sure permissions are all squared away.

What’s In It For You

You’ll get:

  • An overview of how your site is currently doing, SEO-wise
  • A look at how authoritative your site is (in Google’s eyes), and what you could do to increase authority
  • A look at your current backlinks, and action steps to get more (and high quality) ones
  • A look at the top 10 sites ranking for what you want to rank for, and an idea of what they are doing to achieve that rank
  • Ways to get backlinks that your competitors are getting, for your own site
  • An overview of your on-page SEO, and (if needed) how to improve it

All done up in a simple to understand video, with an in-depth document listing next steps and action steps.

Here’s How You Sign-up

Fill out the form below.  I am not collecting email addresses (though you should consider signing up to my list here, anyway), and I am not charging anything for these reviews now (but someday, I plan on it).  I am not currently charging for this–it’s completely free (OR, the only payment I am looking for is some feedback and a testimonial if it rocked your world).

This offer is closed! I’m reviewing the applications I received, and will be posting the site reviews sometime in the future.

Thanks for reading and to those who submitted!

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