Dominating Informational and Buying-Intent Keywords

An ecommerce case study for a site selling supplements

This client sells supplements that target a specific condition.

Read on to find out what we did to help them increase traffic and sales to their most important keywords.

The strategy

There was a page in place that targeted a 135,000 searches per month keyword, but rankings bounced around the 10th page and sometimes weren’t present at all.

For this page, we created a 3,000 word article that positioned the client’s site as an authority. This informational keyword would attract a great deal of traffic when we ranked on the first page for it.

We also created articles targeting a series of keywords much closer to the purchase.

Our process of identifying the most valuable keywords, and deconstructing what constitutes an article Google will love were an integral part of writing content we knew would be successful in the SERPs.

Then, using an effective internal linking strategy, we built strong, authoritative links to the long information article, as well as the shorter, more targeted articles.

The link power passed from one page to another, increasing the sites overall authority and pushing the site right up in the search engine results for our target keywords.

The Results

Here is how the 135k searches per month keyword performed.

You can see it was initially not ranking at all, but began to rapidly climb to the first page.

Here is how the 8k searches per month buying keyword performed:


One important thing to note for each of these (and the other well-ranking keywords) is not just that we got them into the top 5, but they stayed there through ever algorithm update and quality refresh.

We won’t just get you strong rankings, but we’ll get them in a way that will see them stick around for the long term.

From the client:

Hey man, long time since we last spoke but just wanted to let you know those pages are now #1 for several of my key search terms! I am now generating huge traffic from them. Really appreciate the help getting there.
- D.R.

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