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Do you have 800+ articles saved on Pocket that you're totally are going to read ...someday.

Do you have an RSS reader packed with unread items.

You know there's been some kind of algorithm update, but you've got a team to manage, meetings to attend, a business to run, and no time to read a 3,000 word article about it.

Your SEO game is only as good as the information you consume.

In a perfect world, you'd spend three hours a day reading those killer articles with their shiny, optimized headlines.

In a perfect world, you'd be running SEO tests all day, doing whatever it takes to get that competitive edge.

But this is the real world, and there are only so many hours in a day.

How can you build a great business, be a great leader, enjoy time with your family, and stay caught up with the latest developments in ranking sites? 

To sum it up: how can you get the competitive advantage of reading every important SEO article, breaking news, and case study without spending hours a day researching and reading?

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Imagine getting a hand-curated email in your inbox, twice a week, filled with easy-to-digest summaries of the most important and latest SEO information.

Every Monday and Thursday you'll get an email filled with the need-to-know info from the previous few days of SEO action.

Each week I'll read through hundreds of SEO posts, news stories, and case studies to bring you the most important, can't-miss info.

I'll use my background in education and SEO expertise to save you time, and give you a competitive edge in your link-building campaigns.

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Let me tell you a story about the richest man that ever lived.

This is Jacob Fugger (rhymes with Krueger--like Freddy Krueger).

He was a 16th century German entrepreneur who made his money first in mining, and then kind of everywhere else. He funded the first incarnation of the Swiss Guard (a.k.a. the Pope version of the Secret Service), and funded bought the election of Charles V, a Holy Roman Emperor.

So why do you care about some dude you probably didn't even learn about in history class?

He knew the value of receiving the most up-to-date information the soonest, and so basically created the world's first news service by employing a network of couriers all through-out Europe whose job it was to get him breaking news first, before his competitors--even before kings and emperors.

His courier bills each month were astronomical, but he made so much bank from knowing about births, deaths, outcomes of wars, and other major world events before anybody else that he couldn't care less.

But you don't need a network of horses and riders to get the same benefit.

Each week I read through hundreds of SEO articles so you don't have to.

I select the most important, the most helpful, the most knowledge-bomb stories and cut out all the fluff, so I can deliver a short, actionable summary telling you all you need to know.

  • On Monday, you'll get a summary of curated articles published on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
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